Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bill Gates at MVP Global Summit 2007

As i had posted earlier about MVP Global summit 2007 which was held from 12-15 Mar, 2007 in Seattle, here are some more details.
There were more than 1700 MVPs representing over 90 countries who attended the 2007 summit.
From India, 35 MVPs and our MVP Lead Abhishek attended the summit. I watched from here, the keynote from Bill Gates, which was available through live video stream (only for MVPs). Bill Gates shared his thoughts and vision for technology during the summit. There was lots of praise for MVPs for their work. And after that there was very interesting Q&A session with Bill Gates. (Photo featured on left is taken from the Picture Library of Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, my fellow MVP)
The event was well covered in the press also
Microsoft welcomes MVPs of 90 nations from the seattle pi where you can view some more related photos.
And this is what Computerworld had to say about MVPs ; "Microsoft's 'MVPs' say they're often its sharpest critics. Unpaid volunteers dispense free technical help -- and give the vendor frank feedback on products"

Yes, indeed its aptly said for MVPs "Independent Experts. Real World Answers"

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