Monday, May 14, 2007

How do I add my own search provider in IE7?

"How do I add my own search provider in IE7 ?"
In IE7 , the default search is Windows Live search(and in IE7, I am using it as default). But, if you want to use your own search provider then how will you add it? So you''ll click on the arrow near the search to get a list of already available search providers such as Google,

But you want some other providers, then you'll click on "Find more providers..." to get a list of search providers.
But if your search provider is not listed in that, then you can have it created quickly.

There are steps given in 'Create your own', just follow it.
1. Visit the desired search engine in another window or tab. Suppose you want to add as your search provider, so open it in new tab
2.Use the search engine to search for TEST (all capital letters)
3.Paste the URL of the Search results page
: -This is what i got, after search for TEST
4.Specify a name for the search provider
: Answers: Online Dictionary - This is the name I gave
5. Press the Install Button and press the 'Add provider' button.

And that's all, to have your own search provider listed in your search list.

This was First of my "How Do I..?" series. In the future I'll be covering many other topics. So stay tuned!!

EDIT: I have been asked, after adding search providers, how to remove from the list, if one doesn't want?
To remove any providers, choose last option, "Change Search Defaults..." which will provide you with a window with remove option as shown.

That's all !

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