Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am Popflying !!

Yesterday I received the invite for Popfly and I am now Popflying !
As posted earlier, it requires Silverlight1.0, and after creating my profile, there was no problem in logging into Popfly. No downloads or install required.Trying out various options, its very easy to get familiarise with Popfly. All the available blocks loaded quickly when trying out creating mashups. But once you are in say Create a mashup page from the Popfly Homepage, its a bit confusing to return back to Home Page.
Tried various options like creating my Homepage, trying out mashups by joining blocks, its simple, cool and easy.Still lots to be explored, not yet tried out building your own block or any coding part or the Popfly Explorer Alpha, a separate download, a Visual Studio add-in, for sharing Visual Studio projects. Overall, its a cool tool.
Thanks Popfly Team for the invite, thanks Suzanne!

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