Friday, June 29, 2007

Dishwasher safe Keyboard and Mouse

How about having one of these ?
Its the world's first DISHWASHER SAFE keyboard and mouse. Now you can truly clean and disinfect your keyboard!

Seal Shield Features

. Machine washable
. Seal Shield electronic waterproofing process (Patent Pending)
. First fully submersible, true type keyboard


Anonymous said...

Nice. However, is it practicable? How many companies would bother invest in such devices and how many of them will have their devices washed regularly?
Maybe there should be a new standard - insulate and waterproof all computer devices.
i've added your blog to the blogroll of (currently being revived because i've some free time). hope that you don't mind.

Vasudev said...

But shah, if you read on their site which sys "Seal Shield's products have been developed in response to the demand from healthcare organizations for disinfectant solutions to combat the spread of cross contamination infections." So in such cases its required.

And no problem for adding my blog to your blogroll. Keep commenting, comments are always welcome.