Saturday, August 04, 2007

Silverlight on DNN - Step by step

In my previous post as I posted about implemeting Silverlight support on DotNetNuke, I decided to give it a try. Just tried it on my system.

You can try it out following these steps:

First download the Silverlight DotNetNuke Module

Then you have to upload this Module. For this login to your Superuser account that is as host,

  • Navigate to Host -> Module Definitions.

  • In the Module Menu, click Upload New Module.
  • Click the Browse button and select the downloaded Silverlight DotNetNuke Module.
  • Click Add to add the file to the files to upload list.
  • Click Upload New File. The Resource Upload Log will be displayed details of the success or failure of the upload.
  • Click Return to return to the Module Definitions page

Once this Silverlight module is uploaded, we want to add this module. So follow these steps.

  • Select Add New Module and select ‘Silverlight video’ from the drop down list of Module. Enter any title say ‘Silverlight Trial’ in the Title field.And fill other fields as required. I have left it as it is, since its just trial.
  • Click Add Module button or click Add to add the module to the page.
  • Once added, you can see it in the List of modules as shown.
  • And Silverlight Module being shown below in the content pane or you can goto Home , from there it can be placed.
  • Now from the Configure menu of this module select configure and brows to select the video to upload and press Upload button.
  • Click the Back button and the video will start playing. Use the buttons to stop, pause, play or Full screen.


Abhishek Kant said...

cool vasudev.. thanks for pointing this out! DNN community would definitely benefit from this :)

Vasudev said...

Thanks abhishek for the comments.
Silverlight indeed is spreading everywhere.

ravi {pcq - gary_no_1} said...

did you check out

Vasudev said...

Thanks for the link, ravi.
Yes many workshops are being conducted to spread Silverlight. Many very good Online Tutorials, Videos , webcasts are also available on Silverlight.

Michael said...

I have more DotNetNuke modules at:

Vasudev said...

Thanks Michael for informing! I'll surely look into and spread the word about it.
I have also provided your link in my previous post related to DNN and Silverlight here:

And thanks again for providing with such a nice plugin. Surely DNN community will benefit.
Keep up the good work!