Saturday, August 11, 2007

Windows Live Home beta

Microsoft, yesterday launched Windows Live Home beta portal, very useful if you use more than one Windows Live service, as Windows Live Home page provides links to all your Windows Live web services and shows what's happened since you last checked in.
At present it just provides various Live services links and no integration between them , that is to say navigation among each service. Also adding of gadgets facility not yet provided. Surely this will be done as the beta progresses and may replace the existing page which also provided similar facilities.

This will be very helpful for those who regularly use Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces and have to open different windows for each.
The Home page shows how many new e-mail messages one has, (Inbox count) ,which friends have updated their spaces, who has commented on spaces, Write an email, Start an IM, view contacts etc. with links to various Live services, including SkyDrive.
On top left header shows Capital city name and Temperature, on top right shows the date. But weather is disabled in some regions. As you login for the first time, you wont be shown weather for India region and date was shown in Hindi, that is what I was getting. For other region it may show the weather. But later when I forced to change it, I am getting weather and changed to New Delhi and date in English.

The theme changes, that is color of Header and Home page changes according to time in your region. Becomes darker during night and brighter during day. Nice !

But the Home Page is not yet customisable and no provision for RSS feeds yet. But I think will be provided in future.

Anyway as the beta progresses, I am sure, it'll be improved upon and will become actually the Home page for many for their browser.

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