Thursday, October 18, 2007

Popfly goes Beta and Book on Popfly to be released

Popfly has turned Beta now. After getting feedback from alpha testers and ironing many bugs, Popfly team has released the Beta version.

Now there's no invitations required, you just need a Live ID to get into Popfly. So if you haven't tried yet , just try it once and you'll like it. If you want to know more about it , you can check out my earlier posts and also can check the demo videos at the site.

Here are the new features added: (Introducing Popfly Beta: Open to All)
  • Gadgets. Popfly can create both Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets and Windows Live gadgets.
  • Tweaking and Properties. Last iteration, we added “tweaking,” but many blocks didn’t have a lot of properties to tweak, so we added properties to a host of our output blocks including Photoshow, Virtual Earth, PhotoSphere, Gauge, and Page Turner.
  • Tweaking and the color picker. When you tweak a mashup you now have a color picker so you don’t have to remember the alphanumeric codes for colors.
  • New and updated blocks. Popfly has a category for new and updated blocks.
  • New screencasts. Updated videos explaining how to use Popfly.
  • New blocks. Notably one we did for the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Summit.
  • Updated block documentation. Courtesy Andy, our resident block program manager.
  • Privacy statement. We’ve also slightly modified our Privacy Statement, so check it out.

This was about the Beta release of Popfly.

Now about the Book on Popfly to be released.

Eric Griffin, the author, announce about this new book from Apress, "Foundations of Popfly-Rapid Mashup Development" to be released in January/February 08.

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