Monday, October 15, 2007

Windows Live Events launched

Microsoft launched Windows Live Events last Thursday, an online Event planner which does lots more. Making use of same infrastructure and taking features from Windows Live Spaces and adding more features to it, Windows Live Events makes an interesting and easy way of planning get-togethers, keeping in touch with friends and family, and sharing photos.

With Events you can easily:

  • Plan your any family get-together, birthday party or can also be used for official use. As people may start with using it for personal events, and later may find this to be convenient for other commercial uses also with its tons of themes, templates available.
  • Create a great-looking event invitation and website using one of over 100 fantastic templates, including one for Diwali festival.
  • Invite anyone with an e-mail address and track who’s coming, and these addresses are pulled up from contacts list or you can add. Actually many other Live Services are integrated with it, making it very convenient to make use of other Live services.
  • Make your event unique with familiar customization features - choosing a friendly web address, custom colors, fonts, and background images, or adding modules and Windows Live web gadgets like depicting weather gadget showing prediction of weather on the party day, Or put a map showing the directions of the party spot.
  • Let guests and organizers share photos and stories before and after the event
And once the party is over, the organizer and the guests can share their photos, as usually one is curious , as how the photos taken by guests have come. So it can be done easily now. One has to just click Add album in the Photos module to share those photos!
Apart from sharing photos, there are other ways such as, a discussion board, guestbook, and sharing videos you upload to Soapbox on MSN Video or other popular video sharing sites. So the gadgets available for other Live Services are available for Events also.

There are tons of customisation, which can be customised in the way you like.
So you must try this cool service and which will become a regular in your routine.
(Introducing Windows Live Events and new Windows Live Spaces updates)

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