Thursday, November 01, 2007

Live Search Insider Guide

Few days back the new Live Search was launched with major update, making it faster and easier to use about which I had also posted at New Live Search launched and
New Live Search for Windows Mobile with voice input

Want to explore the latest features of Windows Live Search? Want to know how you can get the richer and deeper results of your search? Then check out this guide:
Live Search - Insider Guide,
which shows various features one by one in feature by feature videos.

The features video of the Live search includes: xRank, Health, video search, Local, Maps, Shopping, Image Search, Translation, Mobile. Just click on any of the feature to view the video demo showing how to utilize that feature, making it very easy and convenient to make use of the new features of Live Search.

Also check out the Handy 'Tip of the Day' provided with it.

Actually this guide was recently provided in Live Search Club. For those of you who haven’t checked this cool site should check it to win various fabulous prizes (Sadly, only for US residents) by playing games based on Live Search. This Live Search Club has been there since few months. If you are interested in games then check out Chictionary, featuring Live Search and many other games.

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