Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bill Gates on Open XML, Standards and Digital Archives

Check out what Bill Gates has to say about Open XML, Standards and Digital Archives when asked by Washington State Congressman Brian Baird during a U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Science and Technology meeting earlier Last week.

As we are building up lots and lots of records that one want to preserve so as to access it in future. These Digital Archives covers lot of peoples' activities, like those parents who want to go back and get essays from Children, Researchers may want to go back and get different experimental data and libraries have large collections in digital formats.
And Microsoft has been engaged in Standard process and a Standard called OpenXML has been put before ISO. And OpenXML to become ISO standard is important so that such people like families, researchers and archivist will be able to access information from the past and use it to interact in the future. Such data mining will help a lot in various fields including technology and innovation.
(Thanks Craig.)


Anonymous said...

Hope they develop the OpenXML format for Publisher, Visio and OneNote.

Vasudev said...

Yes. I agree. But I just checked Visio and you have XML Drawing (*.vdx), XML Stencil (*.vsx), XML Template(*.vtx) apart from *.vsd, *.vss and *.vst in file save as options.
Also please check 'Visio and XML file formats'
I am not that conversant with visio but that may help you.
Thanks for your comments.