Saturday, March 29, 2008

Outlook on Desktop

Check out this cool software outlook on the desktop, Very useful for those who use calendars to organize their daily lives and want it visible in plain sight nearly all the time. So how about placing your Outlook right on the desktop? This program will put the Microsoft Outlook Calendaring system right on your desktop and it stays there all the time in plain sight so you can always see what's upcoming. And it's not just your calendar's view but your actual calendar, that is you get all it's functionality, as direct editing, drag and drop of files etc.





And it has options to adjust its size, opacity and position on the desktop. And also you can switch between calendar, inbox, contacts, tasks and notes views. And you can have multiple instances pinned to desktop. You get a tray Icon showing the day of the month which can be used to configure it.OEondesk2rz


Windows 2000 or higher
Microsoft Outlook 2000 SR-1 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
(The setup program will download and install it for you if you don't have it)


Download it for free from here.

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Jonh said...

Microsoft Outlook is Microsoft's email client, and is included with the Microsoft Office suite. It is designed to operate as an independent personal information manager, as an Internet mail client, or in conjunction with the Microsoft Exchange Server for group scheduling, email, and task management. It manages email, calendars, contacts, tasks, to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Outlook helps you communicate through email, phone support, and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps you share information by means of public folders, forms, and Internet connectivity. It is easily Handle desktop enviotment.