Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Windows Live Services on Blackberry

WLcr Microsoft and Research In Motion (RIM) today announced an agreement to provide Microsoft Windows Live services on BlackBerry smartphones. Blackberry users will now be able to access Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger on their devices.

Windows Live Hotmail for BlackBerry will allow customers to do the following:

• Use BlackBerry “push” technology for automatic message delivery and message synchronization so customers’ online account is up to date with actions taken on their BlackBerry smartphone.
• Use a dedicated inbox for Windows Live Hotmail messages, which are automatically delivered to the smartphone. Customers can also choose to receive their Windows Live Hotmail messages, along with messages from other e-mail accounts, within a single inbox on their BlackBerry smartphone.
• Display HTML e-mail with the ability to view graphics, Web links and contact photos in e-mails.

Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry will allow customers to do the following:

• Send instant messages and join group chats
• Set status and see the presence of friends and colleagues within Windows Live Messenger or their contact cards
• Customize status messages
• Save conversations
• Showcase their Display Picture (Avatar)
• Send and receive pictures and files
• Use more than 60 emoticons

Windows Live services for BlackBerry smartphones are expected to be available beginning this summer with support for multiple languages.

Check the press release  for more details.

Earlier, last year Microsoft had announced a similar deal with Nokia:

Nokia and Microsoft to Deliver Windows Live Services to Millions of Mobile Customers

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