Monday, June 02, 2008

Beautiful Silverlight Watch

Check this amazing piece of work, created by Michael S. Scherotter (Beauty with Silverlight) in Silverlight 1.0 - The Trainmaster Cannonball watch, a three-dial watch with working night/day, chronograph, and full-screen mode.
Michael worked in Expression Blend and a little JavaScript (It uses Silverlight 1), and came up with: 
Amazing !! Click on various controls and see how the watch works. The best part is the change to day/night effect, it looks superb. Various controls are shown here:
Its also available as Windows Live Gadget and is available at Windows Live Gallery. So this gadget can be put in your Windows Live Spaces or other blog , go here to get it. Thanks Michael !
In fact, you can embed it into any page  using the following html code:
<iframe width="250" height="250" src="" frameborder="0"  scrolling="no" >

The Silverlight 1.0 application starts up quickly (231k of XAML compressed into a 59k zip file) and takes very little processor power to run.  This entire application shown in the vector graphics format of Silverlight, XAML, with no images. He has also provided the source code and explained how the second hand ticks in.

Beauty with Silverlight for more details.


Really beautiful and amazing !


Gopinath M said...

SilverLight is lightening the web. I love this technology.

But Microsoft should back this technology properly. I'm disappointed to see most of the Microsoft's commercial websites are powered by Flash instead of SilverLight. Even the newly released World Wide Telescope site is powered by Flash!!

Vasudev said...

Yes Gopinath, I agree to some extent. As you can also see Microsoft is slowly making its various sites Silverlight based.Like the Download Center. Also various Microsoft Forums /sites like Channel 9, 10, 8, Edge also extensively use Silverlight for their videos. And I am sure once the Silverlight version 2 comes out of Beta, we can see more of it being put to use. I am sure you must have seen this:
where you can see tons of sites based on Silverlight - just check how beautifully they have designed those sites. Also You can see surge of Silverlight usage from the Beijing Olympics as Microsoft is carrying out Live feeds based Silverlight of all the events from Beijing Olympics.

Gopinath M said...

I agree that SilverLight is a great technology.

But Microsoft should take appropriate steps to port it on all the popular browsers and non-windows OSs. So that every developer can confidently develop applications.

Hope they will do that by the time Olympics start.

By the way, you blog has excellent content. Good work.

vasudev said...

Yes Gopinath, I agree. At present I think IE and FireFox are the most popular and SL works in both but SL should work on all popular browsers.
SL is available for Windows , Mac and Linux.For linux, please check
Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight for Unix systems.

And thanks for the compliments.Its nice that you liked my blog. Also please suggest improvements,what you don't like about my blog etc.

vasudev said...

Thanks for the suggestion mail, Gopinath.
Will try to implement.
Just browsed your blog, very nice contents. Will be following your blog.