Friday, June 20, 2008

Live Mesh Updated – Available Globally

LiveMeshTechPrevlogo Live Mesh Tech Preview got a new update with some key fixes and improvements. The user will be automatically notified of the update by Live Mesh client software, or one can right click the Notifier icon in the system tray and choose "Update Live Mesh" to force an immediate upgrade. The updated version is 0.9.2815.17. 

These are the updates:

  • Live Mesh is now available in all English-speaking countries (not just the U.S.)
  • Removed the User Account Control (UAC) requirement when installing and using Live Mesh with Windows Vista SP1
  • Index for Desktop Search now works with Live Mesh folders
  • Fixed bug where an underscore in a Hotmail account name returned an “Invalid Hotmail Address” error
  • Fixed bug with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 failing to load in Silverlight Media View
  • Fixed bug where the notifier tooltip incorrectly indicated that Live Mesh Remote Desktop was unavailable for a computer running in non-admin mode
  • Fixed bug where the Live Mesh folder icon was not displayed in the e-mail inviting someone to share a folder
  • Fixed one of the bugs that caused Live Mesh to fail to start
  • Fixed problem with Live Mesh returning errors when waking from sleep/hibernate 

updLiveMeshcr Its good that its now officially available in Non US countries now with English language, though many were already using it with change made to their language settings. I think they must not have removed UAC requirement or will it be brought back in later stages if there is any security problems. Slowly Live Mesh is growing as it will include more devices in future. You can submit feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect website.  Read and participate in the forums for current discussions about fixes.

Now a nice Live Mesh Tech Preview logo is also seen in the signin page.(As shown at topleft)

(Source:LiveMesh Blog)

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