Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NBCOlympics.com and Silverlight


As I had posted (Olympics and Silverlight) earlier about the Beijing Olympics which are scheduled to begin from 08-08-08 has signed an agreement with Microsoft to partner with NBC Universal to build a Silverlight 2.0 based Web Broadcast which will provide users with over 3000 Hrs. of Live and on-demand video content via Silverlight Streaming. Users can experience the rich content of every event. And now the NBCOlympics .com Beta site has been put up and one can have an idea what is going to come, Check out their Silverlight Based Enhanced Player. Some screenshots of the Silverlight based Player for Olympics:



It has provided options for Social Bookmarking sites.


You can also embed it in your site or Blog.


Its also available to be put as a Desktop gadget.


Its still in Beta , expect lots of more features and improvements.

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