Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zune is Music, Music is Life – I like this Ad very much

Few months back I had come across a Post on Long Zheng’s Blog about an unofficial Zune Ad. (Zune spec spot “Music is life”). Now with Zune 3.0 releasing today , I remembered that ad again and posting it here.The speculative ad was made by Stewart Hendler. Its just superb!

Its about a boy walking down the street listening to  his Zune, when he come across a dead sparrow lying upside down. He then places the Zune earphone to bird’s heart. And the heart starts to beat again, as the Sparrow springs to life and flies away. This was the best part of the video. You must check this ad, Hope Microsoft adopts this Zune Ad.


How they shot the scene with the dead bird?

Stewart Hendler, DGA replies:

“We found a bird that was already trained to lie on its back (only in LA, right?) and it was handled on set by two wranglers. There was a piece of mono-filament line attached to it's leg so it couldn't fly away (which we'll paint out eventually).

We also had a matching, taxidermied bird with an air bladder in it's stomach to simulate the first breath.”

You must check this Ad ! Give the credit to the well trained Sparrow also.

(Thanks to avatarxone for YouTube link.)

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AnandK said...

I agree, beautiful ad !