Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oxite – Microsoft’s Open Source Blogging platform

oxite If you are a bit of DIY type , a developer and wants to set up a blog or a website then you can try your hands on Oxite. “Oxite is an open source, standards compliant, and highly extensible content management platform that can run anything from blogs to big web sites.”

So as it says its not just for Blog but even big web sites, one current example being MIX online site. (MIX Online is a community for web designers and developers who build and believe in the innovative web.)

Learn more about Oxite at

You can download Oxite, source code and complete setting up instructions from Codeplex.

Check this video where, Adam Kinney, one of the early cofounders of Oxite, talks to Erik Porter and Nathan Heskew about what exactly Oxite has to offer.

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