Friday, October 02, 2009

Booting Windows 7 in 10 seconds flat !

How about booting Windows 7 in 10 seconds, yes, 10 seconds Flat !! Just see the video to believe it.

“A company called Phoenix debuted new BIOS technology that allows Windows 7 to boot up from black screen to desktop in only 10 seconds. Called "Instant Boot BIOS," the Phoenix BIOS uses new UEFI technology to power on several system devices at once instead of one-by-one.”

“The company demoed the boot up process at the Intel Developer Forum where they showed a 20-second boot on a retrofitted Dell Adamo as well as a 10-second boot on a Lenovo T400 with an SSD drive. The company’s Chief Scientist Steve Jones also produced a report from performance logging tool Microsoft Velocity that showed how the BIOS only took 1.37 seconds to hand over control to the OS. He said that future optimizations on netbooks could even lower that time.”

How about making it 7 seconds Boot time for Windows 7 ? :)

(Source: Booting Windows in 10 Seconds Flat)


Akhilesh said...

Wow! Great. 7 seconds would be a nice marketing strategy.

Nishank said...

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Nasif Abdur Razzaque said...

Thats so cool marketing strategy...