Friday, January 01, 2010

New Windows Live Messenger Freebies from various artists

Enjoy these unique Windows Live™ Messenger gift packs, created by some very talented artists from around the world. Each pack comes with display pics, emoticons, and a wink—choose your favorite or download them all!




Get these from here, kids will love it.

  • Moody Bob
    Moody Bob by Holbrooks

    Meet Moody Bob, a very distinct, very moody guy. Let him show your friends how you’re feeling.

    Download Moody Bob

    Holbrooks is an award-winning hub for contemporary animation and digital imaging. The duo behind this provocative studio is known for explosive ideas using a variety of mixed-media animation.

  • Emotipuff
    Emotipuff by Nanospore

    In the Emotipuff gift pack, you can say hello (and more) with a cute, friendly, puffy little creature.

    Download Emotipuff

    Nanospore is a Los Angeles-based, multidisciplinary design studio. Inherently quirky, their work is visually challenging, modern, and always unique.

  • Carnival Squad
    Carnival Squad by Nathan Jurevicius

    The Carnival Squad is a group of very unique characters to pass on to your Messenger friends.

    Download Carnival Squad

    Nathan Jurevicius is a Toronto-based, internationally renowned artist. He began selling his work at the age of 6, and now his character, Scarygirl, has her own comic, toys, online game, and a movie in development.

  • Bunny Ha Ha
    Bunny Ha Ha by PUNGA

    Bunny Ha Ha brings a quirky edge and a lot of cute to sharing your day.

    Download Bunny Ha Ha


You can also get lots of other Freebies from here.

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