Friday, January 01, 2010

Windows 7 Tip : Hide desktop icons

You have a stunning wallpaper / desktop background / themes displayed on your Windows 7 machine. But it gets obstructed by many desktop icons you have. But there’s an option to hide these desktop icons. This option has been there since Vista but many XP users moved to Windows 7, new to Windows 7 do not know. In fact I came across many Windows 7 users who are not aware of this.

So to hide desktop icons, just right click on your desktop > View > Uncheck ‘Show desktop icons’


And if you want to hide even the Taskbar, then right click on Taskbar >Properties >On the Taskbar tab , check ‘Auto-hide’ the taskbar’


That’s all, now your desktop backgrounds, themes will be shown in full glory ! Enjoy !! And a Very Happy and Prosperous 2010 to all my blog readers !!

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