Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nike’s Jordan Brand Social Mosaic uses Silverlight , Windows Azure Cloud Service

Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, is celebrating its 25year anniversary and has created a Stunning Mosaic called Mosaic 23/25 also known as Social Mosaic. It allows enthusiasts to connect with the Jordan Brand by allowing them to upload photos of themselves with their Air Jordan shoes. And all these photos containing thousands of images form a mosaic.



“Powered by Silverlight 3, the Social Mosaic leverages both Deep Zoom, which provides the ability to interactively view high-resolution images, and Multitouch capabilities. Once the consumer uploads their photo(s), they are sent a photo ID so that they can visit the mosaic to find their photo.  Silverlight Deep Zoom allows the consumer to pan and zoom deep into the mosaic to see their picture and experience their own contribution to the Jordan Brand community. With Multitouch, they can interact with the mosaic through touch screen functionality, if supported by their hardware, to further enhance their interactive Jordan Brand experience.

In addition to this innovative user experience, the ability to quickly develop the Social Mosaic and host it in the cloud was of paramount importance to the Jordan Brand team, so they turned to the Windows Azure platform.”

You will have to check the site here to experience this Mosaic magic !

(Source: Silverlight Blog )

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