Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to embed Bing Twitter Maps in your site, blog

Bing maps has released an update to the Twitter Maps application in the Bing Maps Application Gallery. Now you can embed Twitter maps functionality in your site. This means you can have a Bing Map on your web site, blog, favorite social networking site with the Tweets you care about.

And its very easy to do. Just go to Bing Maps  Click on Map Apps to open the  Gallery and select the ‘Bing Twitter maps’



Now if you want , you can put the search filter -



Click on ‘Embed in your site’


which will give you option for Map Location to be either fixed (centered on a specific point) or anywhere (moves the map as the Tweets come in).

Next specify the dimension as you require (Min 250 X 250)

It will provide the HTML code for the same. And it not only provides the Bing twitter maps in Silverlight but will provide a JavaScript for those not having Silverlight. Just paste this code to display it. That’s all .

Check the Bing Twitter map I had embed below -

Source: Embed Bing Maps Twitter Maps On Your Site

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