Thursday, March 25, 2010

No need to hide iPhones…..just shake it !

Some days ago there were talks on the net about Microsoft Employees hiding their iPhones when some senior executives are within their sight. Don’t know how authentic were these as there’s no ban on using Apple products by Microsofties. Apple Macs are common with the Microsoft group that makes Mac version of Office. Also Microsoft has released Bing App for iPhone and earlier Seadragon for iPhone was released. And Microsoft also released its first app Tag Reader for Google based Android.

Anyway, check out this fun video- what to do with your iPhones to turn them to Windows Phone… Just Shake it!

 (This video excerpt is taken from Channel9 video: Pete at MIX10: Your Favorite Things at MIX )


Leaving aside all this fun stuff, looking at various demos of Windows Phone 7 Series devices, the iPhones and others are already looking outdated.I’m sure Windows Phone 7 Series will bring a complete change to how we use mobile. People will talk about the Start button of Windows Phone as they now talk and are familiar with the Start button of Windows OS. The UI is great, beautiful, natural , easy to use. Once it arrives , Windows Phone 7 will be the preferred choice !!

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