Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reading Comics in Windows Phone 7 with using DeepZoom

Everyone likes reading Comic books. How about reading them on the move on your Windows Phone 7?


Silverlight on Windows Phone also supports DeepZoom thus enabling great navigation and content viewing experiences.It delivers a high res imagery on low bandwidth.It starts with low res and scales in and as user starts panning and zooming in and out, it pulls down the right res. This is very important for phone devices.

At MIX10 Scott Guthrie’s Keynote, Mike Swanson demos which provides Hi-fidelity Comics reading experience using DeepZoom on Windows Phone.

And there’s some behind the scene info about Mike delivering this session. Actually this session was to be done by Ben Riga but unfortunately, when he was on stage practicing the day before the keynote, he tripped and fell and broke his nose. So at the last minute, Mike Swanson had to step in and did this session.

Check out this Marvel Comics DeepZoom demo on Windows Phone and enjoy !


This session is a part of MIX10 Keynote by Scott Guthrie.

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