Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Conversation View – What’s new in Hotmail

As you know Microsoft has previewed the Next Generation of Hotmail. Here, I’ll try to take up its cool new features one by one. There are so many cool things about the New Hotmail . Let us start with Conversation View -

The New Hotmail has provided a Conversation View feature. We generally have ‘conversation’ over the email with someone or several people over an extended period of time. Like if you have sent a mail fixing an excursion with group of people, and each will be having their opinion and replying the mail. And this leave pieces of that conversation haphazardly spread throughout the inbox in individual snippets.

The new Hotmail brings all those snippets together so you can view the entire conversation in one place. You just have to Choose the option of ‘Arrange by Conversation’ , that’s all. And the Conversation History will be grouped in the same view making it easy to follow the whole conversation.


And you can switch it off as everyone does not prefer to have this. So just change it to ‘Arrange by Date’ or other option . So you can Switch the ‘Conversation View’ On or off. Also note that Gmail has conversation threading permanently on, and no way to turn it off.
Check out the Demo video of the Conversation View

This is one of the very cool features. Look for more cool features in my next blog post.


Anonymous said...

And it only took Microsoft six years to copy this "very cool feature" from Gmail.

Vasudev said...

After Hotmail introduced this Cool feature of Conversation View as Optional,Gmail followed and they also made it optional.
All this years Gmail didn't had the idea of making it optional?

Ananth said...

If microsoft wants to do something, it can do it within no time dude.. the only time they take is to think about what to do