Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hotmail Wave 4 Vs Gmail comparison Chart


As you know, Microsoft has previewed today the New Hotmail with great features. The Hotmail Wave 4 provides slew of new tools and features.
Here’s a head to head comparison of some of the features between Hotmail Wave 4 and Gmail -

Hotmail Wave 4 Gmail
Lots of Storage Unlimited Expanding
Large attachment limits 50 MB 25MB
Total attachment limits per message 10 GB 25MB
Threaded Conversations Optional Always On
Integrated Web IM and SMS Messenger Chat
Mobile browse Yes Yes
Mobil sync/push Yes Yes
Forwarding Open Open
Flags or stars Yes Yes

Check the Total attachment limits per message of Hotmail Wave 4 , its 10GB compared to 25 MB of Gmail.
(Source: Hotmail Competitive Comparison Chart)

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