Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Version of Windows Live Wave 3 available – Minor updates

Yesterday I got this tweet from Windows Live Writer Team -

New version of Wave 3 Windows Live Writer. No new features but higher quality. Upgrade today!Wed May 12 07:30:54 via web

Windows Live Writer



And so decided to upgrade it, but when I tried from within Windows Live Writer, Help > Check for updates , It said ‘You are running the latest ver…”

So I went to  and from there upgraded Windows Live Wave 3 . It not only upgraded the Writer but all Windows Live Apps - Messenger, Movie Maker, Mail , Photo Gallery, Writer.

Before the upgrade I had this version -



And after upgrading -



So the Windows Live Writer, Messenger, Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery all upgraded to Build 14.0.8117.416 And as the tweet said – No new features but higher quality.

I think this is for all the Apps and not only for Writer as I haven’t noticed any new features in other apps also.

UPDATE: (13May2010, 6:50AM) : And here’s the official word about this update- Minor update to Essentials released today

Today we released an optional update for Wave 3 of the Windows Live Essentials suite in all 48 languages. This is a minor release that updates Windows Live Messenger, Mail, Family Safety, and Sync. You can install it from, or through Microsoft Update as an optional update. While this is our last planned update for Wave 3, we will continue to support this release for the foreseeable future as it will be the last version that supports Windows XP.

This is a minor release with a small set of targeted bug fixes and minor changes. Even though most users will not run into the issues we addressed, we felt they were important to fix. This update also contains a small set of changes to ensure that Essentials supports new advances coming in Wave 4.

Rest assured, we’re continuing to work hard on Wave 4 and are in the final stretches. This update is a first and important step in that direction.

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