Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Volkswagen Talking newspaper ad –a small step towards Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision ?

As you flick open today’s edition of Times of India newspaper, you’ll start to hear something. It’s the Ad for the New Volkswagen Vento. They have attached a light sensor chip which starts to play the audio as soon as light falls on it.

Many scared out of their skin after hearing their newspaper talk  Smile  Anyway ,its an innovative idea for a newspaper ad.

Volkswagen could have also implemented Microsoft Tag – ‘Connecting Real Life and the Digital World ‘  to know more about it.






This reminds me of Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision video where the newspaper updates with audio/video , showing the current city weather etc as you flick through the newspaper. So is this audio ad , a small step in what future has to offer?

Microsoft says -

Microsoft’s long-term productivity vision explores how we will create and share content; collaborate across teams, organizations and networks; and gain contextually relevant insights based on preferences and intent. Each scene showcases real technologies being explored by Microsoft teams and partners and others in the industry. To see current prototypes we are exploring go to www.officelabs.com.

– check the Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision video

Get Microsoft Silverlight




Check the video and see what the future has to offer .

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Atish Nischal said...

wow.... i hvnt seen this kind of advrt. ever in my life. once my mom was scared when she picked the paper..