Saturday, May 28, 2011

TIP : Reading PDF files in Full Screen View

Those who don’t have dedicated ebook reader device like Kindle or other device or those who don’t have books in mobi , epub formats or other mobile device formats will generally have them as PDFs. So we mainly have our e-books as PDF files and read them not only on our desktops but also on laptops and smaller screen Netbooks.

Here’s  a small tip for reading these PDFs comfortably on our PC. Let us read them in Full Screen. Open the ebook in PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. (I use Foxit because of its small footprint, lightweight and its enough for my requirements).

- For this Press F11 . Though it makes it full screen but the magnification reduces as it brings the whole page within the screen which makes it normally unreadable.

- Next press Ctrl+M , which brings ‘Zoom To’ window . Press down arrow key to change the magnification to 100 or 125%. Once its set , now the page is Full screen with 100% magnification which makes it best to read the books even on Netbooks.

- Use the Down arrow key to scroll the page, left/right arrow to jump to previous/next page.

- Using Mouse scroll wheel to scroll, right click button for Next and Left click for previous can also be more comfortable.

When the pages are in full screen mode , one cant access any other open app or Windows task bar without pressing the ESC key and thus disturbing our full screen e-book reader settings. For this Press Alt+tab to cycle through open apps and select/switch to the required app and again switch back to PDF reading using the ALt+tab  key.

Hope this small tip will make your PDFs reading more enjoyable.

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shankar narayanan said...

Excellent excellent tip ! Just what i was looking for.... Thanks a lot !