Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Microsoft launches ‘Putting People First’ ads as users are concerned about Google’s Privacy Policy changes!

Microsoft is placing a series of ads in major newspapers offering the award winning alternatives to Google’s various services. As with the recent announcement of Google regarding Major changes to its soon to be implemented Privacy Policy, many of its users are feeling frustrated, concerned as Google is making some unpopular changes.

The changes Google announced make it harder, not easier, for people to stay in control of their own information. We take a different approach – we work to keep you safe and secure online, to give you control over your data, and to offer you the choice of saving your information on your hard drive, in the cloud, or on both.

And thus Microsoft is reminding the people about its award winning alternatives -

  • Hotmail: Join the hundreds of millions of people who enjoy not worrying about the content of their private e-mails being used to serve ads.
  • Bing: The search engine that gives you great experiences using the whole Web.
  • Office 365: The award-winning online collaboration solution for businesses who don’t want their documents and mail used to benefit advertisers.
  • Internet Explorer: The world’s most popular browser, now with Tracking Protection, offering controls over your privacy as you browse.

And to remind people, Microsoft is putting ads in the newspaper as below -


(Click on the image to get enlarged view)

(Source: Gone Google? Got Concerns? We Have Alternatives)

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