Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bing Secret phrase will take you where No Homepage Has Gone Before

Bing has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to help you get in the Starfleet Spirit as the next installment of Star Trek hits theaters on May 16th in US.For all the Star Trek fans, yesterday Bing had added Klingon to Bing Translator. Now in a few simple clicks you can translate text from English to Klingon (and vice versa!)

And today Bing will take you where no Home page has taken you before. Visit Bing today and enter one of the secret phrases in the search box to be transported to the Final Frontier.

Go to Bing Home page and just enter ‘Beam me up’ and press enter for an amazing experience. Keep your Speakers ON. Once transported, click on the pages to get more amazing pics. Give it a try.

Beam Me up might be first secret phrase, we might see more. As its known, will be added here.

Beam Me up1

Beam Me up2

Beam Me up4

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