Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Video as wallpaper in Windows XP

Many of you having Windows Vista Ultimate with adequate graphics support must be enjoying the Windows DreamScene.
DreamScene is a Vista Ultimate Extra which allows videos to be used as desktop wallpapers, and its exclusive to Windows Vista Ultimate.
How about having that kind of desktop on your Windows XP?
Here's how you can do it.

Make sure you are having latest updates of DirectX.

For this you'll require VLC media player. Some of you must be familiar with it and might be using it. If not you can download it from here.
1. Open your video file (preferably .wmv) in VLC player, then right click and choose the 'wallpaper' option as shown on left. That's all.

2. Suppose if you are not getting this option, then goto
settings | Preference | Video | output modules | directX
then check the advanced options to get a screen as shown and check 'enable wallpaper mode'.

Now when you right click on the video , you'll get the 'wallpaper' option.

3.But once the video wallpaper is set and the video runs but it disappears after playing its length.But we want it to be played continuously, so we'll put it in a loop.
For this,
settings | Preference | Playlist

in that check 'play files randomly forever'and 'repeat current item' as shown.

4. Now, you must have noticed that when your video desktop runs, VLC player sits in the taskbar.
To remove it from taskbar, goto

settings | preferece | interface |main interfaces | wxwidgets
there you uncheck the taskbar option as shown.
That's all , now set your Windows XP desktop wallpaper with your video.

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