Saturday, May 05, 2007

Convert SWF to XAML

If one wants to reuse his available Flash files with WPF or Microsoft Silverlight, there are tools that do the conversion. Check out these :
"Electric Rain® is bringing new life to Adobe® Flash files within the Microsoft® Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight platforms with the introduction of Harmony™, the first commercial application for Flash-to-XAML content conversions.
Electric Rain Harmony provides designers and developers with a fast and easy way to convert existing Flash SWF files (graphics and simple animations) into Microsoft-based XAML mark-up for immediate use in the Microsoft WFP and Silverlight (formally WPF/E) platforms."
Harmony supports exporting to both WPF-based XAML as well as to Microsoft’s new Silverlight XAML mark-up,and serves as a single translation solution.This tool is yet to be available , one can signup for beta and it'll be a commercial software.

There's another tool SWF2XAML developed by Mike Swanson of Microsoft which is free.
The tool developed in Mike's spare time is a fully managed code application. The current version of the tool allows to directly open a SWF file and browse through its frames one by one. When a required frame is found,one can either export a XAML file or copy the XAML to the clipboard for easy pasting. The conversion isn't perfect, and there are many areas for improvement.For common cases, however, it should do the trick.
It requires .NET Framework 3.0.
If you're using Windows Vista, its already there.
You can download SWF2XAML here.

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fadilnet said...

Awesome! I am really into Silverlight - for 4 things: 1. I'm tired/bored and want to try something new. 2. It's way more customisable than Flash though Flex is there. I do find Silverlight application learning curve less steep. 3. It is x-platform (there's a Mono-based one coming in soon). 4. It's so malleable in VS.NET forms (VB.NET for e.g or even on an ASPX page). Thanks Vasu for providing the tool. You rule.

Vasudev said...

Thanks shah for your comments. I just came across these tools and provided the info. Yes, I agree there's lot of things happening at the Silverlight front.
And it is creating lots of interest, Check the Silverlight streaming also at
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roman said...

There is a new Desktop application - SilverX ( Maybe it will be useful too.