Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Silverlight Apps and Games List

Silverlight is spreading and becoming more and more popular. Now even games have been written based on Silverlight. I came across this post from Tim Sneath, From A to Z... 50 Silverlight Applications. And also a post from Chris Bowen, Index of Silverlight Games (Most with Source) . So from there I have put all the links of Silverlight games and their source code wherever available and other Silverlight apps. If you have not installed Silverlight, install it first Windows Ver. / Mac ver.

2D Physics Simulation
Grand Piano [Source]
Silverlight Mind Map

3D Teapot Demo
Infragistics Controls Demo
Silverlight Pad

Amazon Search Visualization
JavaScript / .NET Chess
Silverlight Playground

AOL Social Mail Gadget
Silverlight Rocks

Binary Clock
SilverNibbles [Source]

Browser Poker
Matrix Digital Rain
Smalltalk on Silverlight

Bubble Factory
Michael's Journal
Sprawl [Source]

Office Ribbon
Surface Prototype

Comic Book Viewer
Photopoints Gallery
SVG to Silverlight Converter

Destroy All Invaders [Source]
Telerik RadControls 3D Cube

Digger [Source]
Python Console
Verlet Integration Algorithm

Disco Dance Floor
Reflecting Graph
Windows Journal-to-Silverlight Converter

Dr Greenthumb
Reflector for Silverlight
Windows Vista Simulator

Dr Popper [Source]
Roxio Buzz

Sierpinski Triangle
XPS Viewer

GOA WinForms Demo
Silverlight Airlines Demo
Zero Gravity

Gradient Animations
Silverlight Chess Game Replay

Chess [Source]

Silverlight Maze


Silverlights out [Source]

Update 22 July '07 : Came across Silverlight Tetris game and its Source code.
(Thanks to frankarr)

Some of the Silverlight stuff posted above may not work with Silverlight RC, if you have installed the RC unless those apps have been updated for RC.

Update 1 Aug '07 : Richard Z's Jelly sample graphs in various styles, bar, pie chart etc. based on Silverlight. This has been updated to work with Silverlight RC also. Check out these cool graphs samples. Source code here .

Also you can check out this video which shows, talk with Creators of First Non-MS Silverlight game called Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity: Silverlight based puzzle game , where they talk about the game, its various levels and also talk of releasing the source code at some point of time.

Hope you have great time trying out these amazing applications and games which I must warn you, some are addictive.

Disclaimer : As there are many links provided from different sources, at some point of time, some links may be broken.

Thanks to Tim Sneath and Chris Bowen for providing such a nice collection. I'll try to update whenever possible.


Anonymous said...

Microsoft announces windows server 2008 beta3 for public. That site requires adobe flash rather than silverlight!

srinath sadda
Microsoft MVP - merawindows members

Vasudev said...

Yes srinath, Microsoft is slowly but steadily increasing the Silverlight usage in its own site. Somedays back Microsoft Surface ad was in Silverlight on the MS site (though demo was in flash). So you can see steadily the increase in usage of Silverlight. Have you checked Livestation? (still in beta)