Sunday, July 22, 2007

Windows Home Server

On July, 16th Windows Home Server (WHS) was released to manufacturing. Announcing about this, the WHS team blog says, "Today we are announcing that Windows Home Server has been released to manufacturing (RTM).....I'd like to extend a Big tip-of-the-hat to the enormous passion and contributions from ourbeta testers and community. 100,000+ participants, high volume of forum
discussions, 1 million+ views/month on this blog, etc. all attest to the fact that Windows Home Server addresses a big need out there. The right product at the right time!" That's what GM, Windows Home Server had to say.

Check out these pictures of RTM button-pushing ceremony.Watch the video of RTM button-pushing ceremony, courtesy channel10

The Microsoft Windows Home Server operating system helps you centralize and connect your digital things, enabling you to share, store, access, and automatically protect your most important pictures, videos, music, and files.

WHS provides :

Automated backup and simple restore of your home computers,Access and share everything from anywhere, WHS grows with you to meet your needs, today and into the future.

WHS has been designed with extensibility in mind, so that software developers can develop innovative Add-Ins and there's even code2fame contest.

WHS units are being developed by a number of hardware makers such as Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, HP, Iomega, Lacie and Medion.

Check out some of the WHS hardware prototype which comes in various shapes :

hockeypuck - extremely small, extremely cool looking, and extremely round prototype created by Microsoft.

HP's Windows Home Server, the HP MediaSmart Server.Prototypes from Inventec
These prototypes are infact smaller than they look in these pictures.

One can see WHS has immense potential to grow, so we will be hearing a lot about it in the days to come.

To get more information on WHS , Please check,

Windows Home Server web site.

WHS documentation is available, Check out these

Windows Home Server Getting Started Guide

Windows Home Server Reviewer’s Guide

Windows Home Server SDK Documentation

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