Friday, August 03, 2007

Add FeedFlare to your Blog Posts

As the FeedBurner users may already be knowing that FeedBurner has opened up its paid features PRO to all, for free, about which I had also posted earlier FeedBurner for all.

Many of you must have already implemented these Pro features which gives so many options to try.

Now using one of its feature 'FeedFlare', you can add a footer link at the bottom of your posts in the Blog helping you to distribute, inform and create a community around your content. So you can add a Digg This, Technorati or a Share on Facebook tag or many of such services of your choice provided using FeedFlare feature. Earlier you might have done such a thing using some hacks on your Template, but now it has become very easy.

So how to do it ? So sign in to FeedBurner and goto 'Optimize' tab. Click on the 'FeedFlare' as shown to get the page as shown and select whichever service you want to add to your Blog posts and the Post Feed. Even your own Personalised service can be added.
You can see how the FeedFlare will appear on your Blog Post and your Feed. Even the services can be reordered as you like it to appear just by clicking and dragging.

After selecting the services of your choice, save it. Then you want the HTML code for these FeedFlare to put on your Blog, so choose according to your Blog host. I am using Blogger.

Then it'll open a new window giving you step-by-step instruction for putting the code into Blogger template. Just follow it, its very easy. After pasting the code into the said template location, save the Blogger template and view your Blog. You can see the all your services listed below each of the Blog posts.

Now it'll be easy to create a community around your content.

Also don't forget to explore other cool PRO features being opened up for free by FeedBurner. There is lot to explore and implement in your blog.

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