Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Changes to Silverlight Streaming

As you all know Silverlight1.0 RC has been released and I had posted about it earlier. And those who are having Silverlight Streaming application have to make changes accordingly to invoke and to make it compatible with the new version of Silverlight.

I had earlier posted "Silverlight Streaming on blogger Step by Step" and had posted various steps involved. But that will not work on the end users browser having Silverlight RC as I had that streaming done with Beta version.

So one has to make the following changes to invoke Silverlight Streaming application.
  1. Include the new silverlight.js from (instead of " ")
  2. Call Silverlight.createHostedObjectEx() (instead of Sys.Silverlight.createHostedObjectEx()
Make no changes to allow your existing applications to continue to run with the 1.0 beta release of Silverlight. Please note that while Silverlight Streaming can host both 1.0 beta and 1.0 RC applications, the end user's browser must have the version of Silverlight that matches the application.

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