Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Windows Live Hotmail Screenshots

Here are few screenshots of the new updated Windows Live Hotmail.
Now there's a new common header from which you can now access (Home), (Spaces), (Hotmail) and (OneCare). You can also search the web and within mail from the header. Thus it provides a sort of seamless integration between various Live products.

On clicking the left logo on the header provides these menu options.

While at right provides another menu with options to access SkyDrive (Folders)

Size of Inbox increased to 5 GB for free accountsNow coming to options page which has added few new options:

Forwarding mail to another mail account page:

Sending Automated vacation replies:
Today page setting which can be skipped to take straight to inbox after sign-in.Cleaning up duplicate contacts, a good contact management option.
So good improvements on many aspects.


Anand said...

Nice review :-) anandk.

Anonymous said...

WOW! also posted this news(taken from your blog!) - it's a good news!

Billy Reynolds said...

Nice but where the hell is the Windows Mail access? Why offer you a free mail and a free mail client in Vista and then not let you use one with the other.

Major stupidity

Vasudev said...

Thanks Anand for the compliments.

Vasudev said...

Yes sri, it has been posted in Thanks !

Vasudev said...

Yes billy, but Windows Mail will be phased out from Vista most probably and will be provided with Windows Live Mail as default mail client, which is still under beta.

If you haven't tried Windows Live Mail yet, try it out.

Jeremy said...

I was looking to find some screenshots of the new Hotmail version because I have not been updated yet.

Also, what program do you use to take those screenshots?

Vasudev said...

Jeremy, the Hotmail is being upgraded and your account also will be soon upgraded. I have posted these screenshots because those whose acounts are not upgraded yet, will be keen to see the changes.
These screenshots i have taken using 'Printscreen' only :)
'Snagit'is also a good tool for it.
When using Vista, I use the inbuilt Snipping Tool.