Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Photosynth and Shuttle Endeavour Tiles

Few days back it was announced about the collaboration of Live Labs with NASA for using the Photosynth technology.

This enables to create three-dimensional environments of preparations for the launch of space shuttle Endeavour. Viewers can experience unprecedented views of shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad, interior and surrounding area of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Photosynth is able to capture the depth and complexity of the shuttle’s structure, providing exclusive images to viewers around the world enabling the unique ability to explore this NASA mission.
Before the Endeavour returned back, Space Shuttle Endeavour did a complete somersault enabling astronauts in the International Space Station to photograph the shuttle's bottom-side. The photos were then sent back to NASA for analysis for any heat resistant tile damages. And these images were also shared with Microsoft Live Labs, which created a “synth” so people around the world can take part in the NASA experience. The images revealed heat shield tile damage but not of magnitude to be concerned about. And Endeavour safely touched down yesterday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Click here to install the Photosynth viewer and experience for yourself.

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