Sunday, August 12, 2007

Silverlight Streaming in almost any Web Page

As I had posted earlier about Silverlight Streaming on sites which do not allow you to host .js files, like this Blogger site, you would have to make changes to blog template code etc. to do this.

But, now it has been made very easy. You can now invoke Silverlight Streaming applications without JavaScript. With a recent update to the Silverlight Streaming service, it's now even easier to instantiate a hosted app on a web page. The Silverlight Streaming service supports a URL syntax for self-contained web pages that have nothing but your Silverlight Streaming-hosted application.

You use "iFrame" tag to embed Silverlight applications on the sites that do not allow you to add JavaScript, provided they support iFrames.

In order to use this , you have to just add this to your page or even post in your Blog:

appName/iframe.html", where account ID is your account ID of Silverlight Streaming account details and appname is the name you have given to your uploaded Silverlight application.

Here's example which shows an animated Silverlight logo using the code given below, uploaded to Silverlight Streaming as an application of the account ID #32 and uploaded appname as SlLogo.

This is all you have to put to get what you are seeing at the bottom- an animated logo of Silverlight logo

Check out these Links referred for more details:

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Hari Maurya said...

WoW !
Now light will be on all pages
Thnx Vasu