Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Windows Live Folders beta to be expanded

As i had posted earlier about broadening of Windows Live Folders beta soon, so here's an opportunity for getting the beta and try your hands on this cool service. Those who were not able to get this beta and had signed up to be included in the waiting list will soon be able to lay their hands on WL Folders. So keep an eye on will be expanding its beta from today.

And may be we may see some more improvements, more new feature addition soon.

Update 02 Aug 07, 1:17 AM IST :- As of now Windows Live Folders is open and is for Limited Time only, so hurry up and sign up by clicking the Get Started button here.
Although Official blog says "We’re not quite ready to expand to additional markets but we’ll continue to grow in the future, so stay tuned!"
But still give it a try.

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