Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Click - Microsoft's new Windows help blog

Check out this cool site 'Click' from Microsoft writers and editors.

'Click' is from a team of Microsoft writers and editors who help create Microsoft Windows and Windows Help and How-to, the official online help resource.

"Click is a Microsoft blog, a place to share stories, blow off steam, swap tips, get help and talk shop about Microsoft Windows and the other technologies in our lives. So whether you're an armchair technophile or you're still learning your way around the keyboard, we think you'll find something worth checking out here.....
........So whether it's a question about Windows or Microsoft, a suggestion for improving Windows Help—or just some random musing about life in the digital age, we hope you'll join the conversation at Click "
Yes, I find it to be interesting. Have to spread a word about, as not many know about this site.
There's a BBC program by the same name 'Click' which is not in any way related to this, though it also talks about technology.

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