Thursday, September 27, 2007

CoolHotmail - Get crazy,funky,cool Windows LiveHotmail IDs

Want some crazy, funky, cool mail IDs? Want some IDs based on your favorite stars or e-mail ID that describes your personality or based on what you like- Sport, food, drink or the one which describes you or want to have an email ID which gives your proof of residence, with city names ?
Even if you don't find one of your liking then you can tell Microsoft to make it for you.

For getting all these kind of mail IDs, check up COOLHOTMAIL, where you get all such mail IDs and these are powered by Windows Live Hotmail. So you get all the goodness offered by Windows Live Hotmail.
Presently available in five categories as:
Where I live
Who I like
Who I Am
What I Like
I don't fit
At present, I think these are offered in Indian Flavors only, may be extended to other places, later.
So it has been made easier to get such mail IDs.
(news source: The WinVistaClub)
There's already a service Windows Live Custom Domains.

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They should have used instead of .com