Saturday, September 22, 2007

Search view Settings in Windows Live Expo

Windows Live Expo is a dynamic social listing service where you can buy and sell merchandise, discover local events, find a new career, and meet local people - all for free! Although Windows Live Expo is available only for US, UK and China, I was just trying out to have a look at it.
I came across a very nice feature in Windows Live Expo, sliders are provided to set the search view. This is really very convenient and very nice feature provided in Expo.

You can set the search radius (distance) and the listing community to be included in your search result. You just have to adjust the sliders provided to set the search view. Click on the 'Change' to Set the search view.

Like, selecting a US city, then the search radius, the distance can be set, it can be the complete United States or the distance from the selected city, say, Seattle is selected, So you want the search should include results within, Seattle+25 miles (that is the minimum) or increasing, Seattle+50 miles and increasing in steps to Seattle+500miles and last is the whole of United States.
And in the resulting search , it also shows the distance from your selected city.Similarly the Listing Community can also be adjusted according to our needs. It starts from Listing Community to be 'Everyone', then you can reduce it to be 'Contacts and Communities' then 'Communities only' and still reducing it to 'messenger contacts only' . So you can limit who views your posted listings and your search results.Really, this is a very nice feature of setting the search view.
Apart from this cool feature, it has lot of other features also. And soon it will be open to rest of the world also.

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