Saturday, September 08, 2007

Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed-The first book on Silverlight

"Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed is now available (sort of)", that's what the Author of the Book, Adam Nathan has to say. So the First Book on Silverlight is just released, literally,as it was posted by the author just an hour ago.

"I'm going through the very last revisions, but in parallel the book has now appeared on Safari as a "Rough Cut." What is a Rough Cut? The almost-final chapters in "raw" unformatted HTML. The pictures in the book should still show up, although they might appear in black & white unlike the full-color printed book.

By the way, here is the final table of contents:

Part I Fundamentals
1 Getting Started
Part II Creating Static Content
3 Shapes, Lines, and Curves
4 Text
5 Brushes and Images
6 Positioning and Transforming Elements
Part III Making Your Content Come to Life
7 Responding to Input Events
8 Downloading Content on Demand
9 Animation
10 Audio & Video

You can also place an Advance Order at Amazon.

So those who have read the earlier released book on WPF Unleashed by the same author will definitely be looking forward to this book also. There is little written yet on Silverlight;apart from what's available from Silverlight site and other online sources, many are desperate for information in the form of book.

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