Sunday, September 09, 2007 (Community Site) launched

Via Windows Live community space is dedicated to developers to help build and understand how to utilise Windows Live technologies in applications. It has different sections on the various Live technologies and APIs that are currently available for software developers.

As you can see, its a place with lots and lots of information about various technologies , all at one place.

Source:Windows Live Developer Forum

I am pleased to announce the Beta of is now Live!

Taking the concepts of Dr Neil Roodyn and Tatham Oddie's ViaVirtualEarth to the next level, ViaWindowsLive promises to be the number one resource for Windows Live developers.

Many thanks to Bronwen Zande for help with configuring the site and the new design by Tricky Business.

The site provides essentials like getting started, community contributed articles, a gallery of Live sites, wiki, resource links as well as aggregated blogs and forums.

Each technology has its own homepage:

So check out this New Community Site. And it looks cool, probably built on DNN.


John said...

The site is built on DNN and we are waiting for the offical release of DNN 4.6 to allow full LiveID integration when we move out of Beta.
The platform allows us to delegate responcibilities of areas of the site.
The call goes out to anyone that wants to help build the developer portal for Live Services, we want resource links, gallery items, articles and blog feeds. Click on the "Contribute" menu to find out how.
John O'Brien
Windows Live Developer MVP said...

Good tech Blog.

Very Informative.

thanks to the contributor.