Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Windows Live FolderShare Beta

Windows Live FolderShare is a great, easy way to keep your files synced between multiple devices. With FolderShare, you create a private peer-to-peer network that syncs your files and lets you share them with colleges and friends. You no longer need to worry whether your files, photos, or videos are on your home PC, your laptop, or your work computer. FolderShare keeps them all in sync, letting you access them from any computer set up with FolderShare or any web browser - even the browser on your mobile device! Files can be up to 2 GB in size, there are no limits on the quantity or size of files transferred, and all file formats are supported.

The software's sharing feature is an easy way to send others large files - no more trying to zip files to get them through email, burning to CD/DVD, or uploading to a website. To use FolderShare, you must download and install the FolderShare Satellite - the software that is installed on the device(s) you want to sync or share files with. This software runs in the background and automatically updates your files on the other connected devices. The software, part of Windows Live Services, works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or OSX and it's completely free! FolderShare can be downloaded here.
(source:Sync Your Files with Windows Live FolderShare)

How it works :
FolderShare is a service that allows you to securely keep files synchronized between your devices, share files with friends or colleagues, and remotely download your files from any web browser. FolderShare consists of two components - My FolderShare and the FolderShare Satellite.

My FolderShare: Configure and manage your account from here.
  • Go to www.foldershare.com from any web browser and login to access your "My FolderShare" page.
  • From here you can do any of the following:
  1. Setup devices to sync or share with
  2. Invite others (via email address) to share your files
  3. Manage your account - upgrade your subscription, change your email address or password
  4. Get help
  5. Download the latest software
FolderShare Satellite: The software you need to install on the device(s) you want to sync or share files with.
  • The FolderShare Satellite will run in the background when you are online.
  • As you update shared or synced files, it will automatically update them on the other devices connected.
Though its an service acquired by Microsoft long time back, but now it is under Windows Live Services. Let us see how its promoted for its better use.
So let us see how Windows Live SkyDrive and this service do.
UPDATE: I came to know that, as said, Microsoft had acquired this service long time back and also under Live service since long time.

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Rob said...

Ok, this is a great feature from microsoft. It has worked flawlessly even with non-computer types. They simply see the value in having for example and excell spreadsheet always be updated without having to email it and store it somewhere special so they know it is the most recent edition.

We don't use exchange and have multiple mobile people as well as multiple offices. However we want to share our Outlook Calendars, with the windows live foldershare but dont' see how to do that readily.

Any thoughts?