Sunday, September 16, 2007

Zamzar online file conversion, Numerous types

If you want to convert a file, whether its a document, an image, music or video, here's a free service from Zamzar which supports Numerous file types and convert them to multitude of other file types. The conversion chart is listed here, with an impressive number of file types spanning documents, images, audio and video. A new feature even lets you plug in an online video and download it as the file type of your choice.
You should check this and the conversion chart, it includes almost all the file types commonly used and convert it to almost any other type.

"You can convert almost anything into pretty much anything else”, that's what the BBC programme Click had to say, about Zamzar.

Here's again the category chart showing the details of the conversion support:
Document formats
Image formats
Music formats
Video formats

Convert your WMV file, youtube files, convert to ipod files, docx files, wpd files, iphone format, Zune format....... the list goes on. You have to check this. And if your file format is not listed , you can contact Zamzer and they will do their best to add it.

Zamzar has been featured by the “PC Magazine” as one of the top 100 undiscovered websites for 2007. Yes, many do not know about it, though it has been launched quite some time back and its not new. I was also not knowing about it, until I read about it on Channel10.

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