Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Camtasia Studio and Microsoft Silverlight

With Camtasia Studio v5 just released yesterday and about which I had posted in advance , an exclusive review few days back, First look at Camtasia Studio Version 5.0, you should check this exclusive advance review if you haven't, which tells about the new super cool features in Camtasia Studio v5.

There's one more cool addition to it. Now using v5, you can create content compatible with Silverlight very easily. It's lot easier in Camtasia Studio v5 to create WMVs that are compatible with Silverlight. Yes, you can do the same thing using v4 also, but it requires bit more effort.It takes three simple steps to produce a Silverlight compatible WMV file in Camtasia Studio 5.
And ofcourse you have to get other files required with this WMV about which is given in Quickstart instructions based on site

Check out this cool screencast which will show the steps required , how to use Camtasia studio4 and Camtasia Studio 5 to do the same.

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