Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Create a Windows Live ID from your phone

As LiveSide reports,

The service is going live as we speak, it can be accessed via your mobile phone from

This was announced at CTIA in San Francisco this week.

But why is this important? Phil Holden from Windows Mobile says:

"As we look at our customers today its clear that almost all of the folks that use our services on the mobile phone first started to use them on a PC, be that messenger, hotmail, spaces etc. As they started to rely on the services they started to use them on the mobile phone. They can sign-in using the same account, with the same contact store and it just worked on the mobile phone like it should,For countries where the PC is the primary computing device that's great, however for folks that don't have access to a PC everyday, often going days without a visit to an Internet Cafe they were out of luck. Not much point in creating an email account when you could only get to it once every week, stick with sms as your primary way to chat with your friends."

Yes how true it is for
countries like China, India, Brazil where for many people, I would say may be majority of them, primary computing device is the mobile phone. Its their First Computing Device. Many of such people have not laid their hands literally on a PC, but have a mobile. So how do they create a Mail ID? So for such people its really a great step. Now they have the ability to sign-up for a new Live ID from their mobile phones.

Its a simple three step process as can be seen from Phil Holden from Windows Mobile

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